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As we countdown to the March 27th release of my debut novel GUESTLIST, I thought it would be kind of fun to introduce several of the story’s characters to you through interview sessions. That’s right, I’ve come up with a few questions that will be answered by the characters. Neat idea, right? Yes, I thought so, too.

Today, we begin the interview series with Mare Weeks. Hi, Mare, how are you?

I’m fine.

You ready to begin the interview?

[Pause.] Sure. Yes. Yes.

It’s okay, there’s nothing to be nervous about. Okay, here we go. First question. Are you originally from New York?

No. No, I’m from Illinois.

Illinois? Very cool. What part? Chicago?

Not exactly. I’m from Shermer. It’s a little town right outside of Chicago.

So what brought you to New York all the way from Shermer, Illinois?

Well, I wanted to be a make-up artist. I still want to be a make-up artist.

Couldn’t you have stayed in Illinois and started your career there?

Not really. All of the big modeling agencies and fashion and make-up companies are based in New York. Plus, you have things like New York Fashion Week. I wanted to be in the place where everything happens. I also wanted to take some classes at FIT but … that didn’t really work out.

What happened?

I didn’t know anybody in New York except for this one girl I went to high school with, Kandace. We weren’t really friends or anything but we were Facebook friends, and I asked Kandace if I could stay with her while I figured things out. She said she needed to ask her roommate if it was okay and her roommate said it was as long as I gave them some money to stay there.

So I came out but my savings ran out quickly and I didn’t know what to do. Kandace’s roommate Sharane said she could hook me up with a job where she worked. I didn’t really have a choice if I wanted to stay in New York.

Was this job along the lines of what you wanted to do as far as becoming a make-up artist?

No. It’s at a call center called Sovereign TeleSource. I’m a customer service agent.

So you’re still working there?

[Pause.] Yes.

Why didn’t you move back to Illinois?

There’s nothing there for me. I’d probably be working at a call center in Chicago. I figure it’s better to stay here in case some opportunity comes along.

What about the classes you wanted to take? Are you doing that?

No. [Pause.] But I will.

How about your friend Kandace? What does she do?

She moved back to Illinois almost right after I came out here. Her boyfriend proposed to her and they got married. I think she has a couple of kids now.

I take it being in New York by yourself has been quite an adjustment.

Yeah. But it’s okay. I mostly hang out with Sharane since we work and live together. And we’re getting a new roommate, too, so that should be nice.

Really? How did this come about?

Sharane put an ad on Craigslist, I think. She said we needed someone to make up for Kandace’s share of the rent. I was paying it for a while but … I just don’t make that much money.

Well, since you’re not yet in school, what else do you do besides work? Any hobbies?

Oh. I started making make-up tutorials for YouTube. Since I don’t have anyone to practice my make-up skills on, I just do it on myself. I just focus my camera on me and I do something different every time. Like, I might talk about how to get a certain look or I might talk about what products I like to use. Like, I really like the new lip colors from FSL Cosmetics, so I might make a video about that. It’s fun.

Nice! Sounds interesting. Anything else you’d like to share with us before we wrap this up?

[Pause.] No.

Okay, well, thank you for your time, Mare. We hope things work out for you in the end.

Thanks. [Pause.] I do, too.

Did you like the interview? What are your thoughts on Mare so far? What questions would you like the next character to be asked? Leave all thoughts in the comments below! And find out what happens to Mare, and more, in GUESTLIST, available March 27th!

My debut novel GUESTLIST is coming out on March 27th. But then again, you already knew this.

I know you’re excited and can’t wait to read it. Hell, I’m excited for you. Though I’ve already given you a small peek into the world inhabited by Juliet, Swann, Ava, Sharane, Mare, and Napoleon Fey, I know that you’re hankerin’ for more.

Today, you get to read a passage from the point of view of Juliet, the novel’s main character. Check it out below.

“I didn’t bring any money,” Mare said. “So if we don’t get in by midnight, what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know what you’re going to do,” Sharane said, her face scrunched up in disdain. “Juliet and I will be inside having a good time. Why didn’t you bring any money?”

“I didn’t think I’d need to,” Mare said. “Not with free entry and open bar.”

“You’re a dumb bitch,” Sharane said. “You need at least twenty dollars, cash, on your person at all times. What if you need to take a cab home?”

Mare didn’t say anything.

Sharane rolled her eyes. “You’re a dumb bitch.”

“If it comes to that, Mare, I got you.” Juliet often wondered how and why these two women became friends. It seemed they fought more than anything, and she got the feeling that Sharane forced Mare into some kind of competition. But whatever, that was those two. Sharane wouldn’t bully Juliet around like that—fuck that.

Oh oh ohhhhhh! Do we have a little conflict here? Perhaps! Feel free to post your thoughts and feedback in the comment below. But to find out what’s really happening, you’ll have to read the book.

GUESTLIST drops on Tuesday, March 27, and will be available in paperback and for Kindle, Nook, and iPad.

My debut novel GUESTLIST is coming out on March 27th. But then again, you already knew this.

I know you’re excited and can’t wait to read it. Hell, I’m excited for you. Though I’ve already given you a small peek into the world inhabited by Juliet, Swann, Ava, Sharane, Mare, and Napoleon Fey, I know that you’re hankerin’ for more. Okay, here’s what I’ll do.

Every Tuesday and Thursday—starting beginning today, right now—I will post a small segment of my novel GUESTLIST. You know, just to give you a small taste of what’s happening.

Tuesdays will feature character quotes, while Thursdays you’ll get to read some thoughts from Juliet, the novel’s main character. Quotes will continue until Thursday, March 22.


Alright, I know you’re looking forward to today’s quote, so feel free to check it out below.

Exiting near the corner of Broadway and 23rd Street, Juliet and her roommates walked two blocks south, then two blocks west to arrive at Milk. Along the way, clusters of wannabe macks and playboys gave them appreciative nods and suggestive looks, and the ladies ignored them all. To let Sharane and Mare tell it, as cute as some of those dudes may have been, they were walking to their destination, just like the ladies.

“But it’s New York City,” Juliet said. “Everybody walks here.”

“Not if you want to make an entrance,” Sharane, the taller, curvier of Juliet’s roommates, said. “Not if you want to stand out from the crowd. For a nigga to get my attention, he needs to pull up in a town car.”

“Or at least a taxi,” Mare said in a soft voice that perfectly matched her tiny frame.

And so because none of the wannabe macks and playboys were pulling up in town cars or taxis, none of them got any play from the ladies.

Good shit, right? It’s okay, you can tell me. I’ve heard it all before. Ha!

Astute readers will probably say to themselves, “Hey, this looks familiar.” Well, yeah, you’re right. But there’s a reason I highlighted this particular passage. But I won’t tell you why—you tell me why. I want to hear your thoughts so go ahead and leave a comment below. As always, your feedback is welcome and very much appreciated.

And remember, GUESTLIST releases March 27!

Today is Valentine’s Day, and on this day you’re supposed to give gifts to those you love. Well, Dear Readers, my Valentine is … YOU! That’s right, all of you!

And so as a token of my affection, I’d like to give you all the opportunity to read the very first chapter of my upcoming debut novel GUESTLIST. You do know I have a novel coming out soon, right? I’m sure I’ve mentioned it once or twice. Ha!

You can read the first chapter of GUESTLIST below.

(Well, actually, NO YOU CAN’T because you’re reading this on TUMBLR. Head on over to my proper blog to read the first chapter of GUESTLIST.)

Many of you have been asking when GUESTLIST will be available for pre-order and all I can say for now is that it will be before the end of the month. Although you can apparently pre-order it from Barnes and Noble now, so, yeah.

Now you’ve met Juliet, Sharane, Mare, and Napoleon Fey, plus a few of the other characters that populate this world. What are your thoughts so far? Anyone stand out in particular? Looking forward to finding out what else happens? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

For the past month or so, you may have seen me post some mysterious tweets or Facebook status updates with the hashtag #GLIST attached. One reads, “A bunch of beautiful people doing some very ugly things.” Another one says, “People will talk about it. People will be upset. People will be shocked. People will hate. Hey, don’t look at me. I only wrote it.”

Rest assured, I’m not sitting at my desk punching “submit” each time you see these. This is an automated process. But I’ve been doing it because I’ve been trying to pique your curiosity. Judging by some of the responses I’ve gotten, it looks like I was successful.

I’ve been threatening promising that my debut novel would be arriving soon. I’ve been doing this for, oh, about the past two years. Believe me when I tell you that I thought it was ready back then. Things did not work out as initially planned, however, so my novel had to be placed on the back burner. During that time, I learned a lot of things, met a lot of people, got a ton of feedback, and made significant changes. It was all worth it.

That’s what #GLIST is all about, Dear Readers. #GLIST is the hashtag I’m associating with my debut novel. It’s already a somewhat popular hashtag as it’s used by party promoters the world over. If you haven’t figured it out yet, #GLIST is short for Guestlist, which is the title of my novel.

What is Guestlist about, you ask? Well, let’s just take a gander at the blurb we’re using on the back of the book, shall we?

Juliet Feliz moved to New York City, leaving an unfulfilling life and uncertain future behind her. However, despite her new surroundings and social circle, Juliet’s life threatens to fall into the same rut as before—that is, until she meets successful party promoter Napoleon Fey.

Napoleon introduces Juliet to an exclusive world of VIP nightclubs, luxurious parties, celebrity friends, and sparkler-adorned bottles of champagne. But when Napoleon begins to show romantic interest in Juliet, that raises the ire of a beautiful, and intimidating, ex-model named Ava.

Add to the mix Marcel Swann, a down-on-his-luck young man smitten with Ava; Byron Lord, an NBA player with an affinity for nice suits, cognac, and video vixens; Sharane and Mare, Juliet’s bickering roommates; and a host of other unforgettable characters, and you’ve got the story of a bunch of beautiful people doing some very ugly things.

Guestlist, the debut novel from Jay Fingers, is a spectacularly sexy, funny, and, at times, shocking tale of what goes on once you’ve made it past the velvet rope.

Oh oh ohhhhh! Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

You can expect me to post a lot more about Guestlist. I’ve got some fun posts in mind, plus a few extra surprises. Oh, this is going to be so much fun! I can barely contain myself.

Guestlist is being published by Be Cool Books, and will be available February 28, 2012.