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Now can we please stop analysing Girls to death?

Earlier today I told some friends how I feel like this bizarre combination of a Black Panther and a White girl. This is one of those moments. A lot of the Girls talk bothered me today. And I made an attempt at my own justification for why I’m allowing myself to enjoy Girls and other WGS (White Girl Shit.) But then we have the - Oh my gaaawwwd, you guys! Can you stop talking about why there are so little representations of you in the media? It’s making me uncomfortable. P.S. My Black friend. 

Nah, bitch. We won’t. Go sit in your corner. 

Black Panther slash White Girl. 

oh dear. I tweeted earlier that Girls should have actually been titled “All White Then”. I had no issue with idea of a bunch of white broads wearing bad clothes while making bad choices, I just doubt the idea they didn’t have one brown friend (or at least an asian as the bartender tonight pointed out) and lived in Brooklyn. Brooklyn girls require a brown friend. Only way they can sing Jay-Z comfortably. 

Doctor Grosz's thoughts on Rep. Anthony Weiner and the so-called Weinergate scandal.

"Let me fake u or im exposing you"